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Sorger & Co. developed Milk Club in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Ontario to offer a fun way for children to earn rewards in their day-to-day interaction with dairy products, including dairy purchases, completion of dairy recipes, gaming and educational opportunities about the benefits of dairy and dairy farming.


Loyalty program

Sorger & Co. implemented a robust loyalty program for Milk Club, allowing participants to easily earn points by either purchasing milk products, learning about dairy farming, making recipes using dairy products, or earning achievements in popular games such as Roblox.


DFO curated a fun, engaging curriculum for Milk Club users to learn about the dairy farming process, with topics covering Kindergarten to Grade 8. Users can take the learning modules, then test their skills within the platform to earn points.


Sorger & Co. built a recipes section for the Milk Club website to allow users to make easy, family-friendly recipes using dairy products, then upload pictures of those completed recipes for points.


Sorger & Co. implemented a simple receipt upload feature for Milk Club users to upload photos of their grocery receipts and earn points for the milk products they purchased.


New for 2022, Sorger & Co. are building a fourth way of earning points for Milk Club users - playing games! Sorger & Co. are developing a new game for the Roblox platform involving interactive dairy farming, with achievement codes available for users throughout the game. Once found, users can upload their achievement codes to Milk Club for points.

Rewards Store

Sorger & Co. implemented an intuitive, easy-to-use rewards store wherein Milk Club users can spend their earned points on gear, gift cards, apparel and more.

Milk Club App

Along with a full-featured Milk Club platform, Sorger & Co. developed a mobile/tablet app for iOS and Android to allow Milk Club users an easy way to earn and spend points using their mobile and tablet devices.

Milk Club Superheroes

Milk Club Avatars

To ensure Milk Club remains fun and engaging for kids, Sorger & Co. designed and implemented an avatar system, allowing Milk Club users to pick from a set of free avatars to customize their accounts, or use their earned points on additional premium avatars.


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