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Maker Pizza

The Maker Pizza team engaged with Sorger & Co. to help navigate the technology needs of their rapidly-expanding business and the operational challenges that resulted from that rapid growth. The Sorger & Co. team performed a detailed assessment of their current technology infrastructure, from their in-house point-of-sale hardware to their online ordering provider, in an effort to plan for a unified solution that can serve the Maker Pizza brand now and as they continue to grow.

Sorger & Co. helped the Maker Pizza team evaluate and manage the various restaurant technology providers on the market and performed a full needs assessment of each platform relative to Maker's unique operational needs and challenges. The result was a detailed analysis and recommendation on the technology providers to use off-the-shelf versus those needs that required more custom development effort. Sorger & Co. built out a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the decisions on build vs. buy for Maker's various technology needs, both customer-facing and back of house, allowing them to decide on the right vendors while being fully informed of both their capabilities and shortcomings.